Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra



DPN (dermatosis papulosa nigra), is a skin lesion that is recognized by the appearance of numerous dark raised bumps on the face. Each papule (raised, solid lesion) usually ranges in size from 1 to 5 mm (1/32” to 3/16”). However, some lesions can become quite large. The bumps are usually symmetrical, that is, they are distributed more or less equally on the left and right sides of the face.

If you are still not quite sure what DPN is, the actor Morgan Freeman is famously known to have dermatosis papulosa nigra on his face.

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a benign condition, which means it is not associated with cancer. DPN is associated with other conditions such as acanthosis, papillomatosis, hyperkeratosis, and seborrheic keratosis, but it is essentially a cosmetic condition. While DPN may make Morgan Freeman's face distinctive, most people with dermatosis papulosa nigra find the lesions to be troubling and would like them removed.

Treatments for DPN

Several approaches have been used to treat dermatosis papulosa nigra. Historically, one of the more common DPN treatments was snip excision. As the name implies, each papule is snipped off with a thin pair of scissors. Other forms of cutting have been used with some degrees of success. Cryotherapy is not a useful treatment for DPN because it tends to leave the underlying skin a lighter color than the patient's surrounding skin tone. Therefore, cryotherapy is rarely, if ever, used to treat DPN.

Laser treatment for DPN

Laser treatment for DPN is rapidly becoming the gold standard in the field. Experienced professionals can use laser light energy to simply vaporize each lesion. The Cutera XEO laser system, used at Bella Sana, is particularly well suited to DPN treatment. The Cutera XEO system includes a handpiece that allows the provider to specifically ablate the unwanted skin lesion while leaving the surrounding face virtually untouched.

If you have DPN and would like to discuss ways to remove these benign skin lesions, including laser vaporization, contact the laser experts at Bella Sana Medical Spa today for a consultation.

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