While most people never heard of the term, poikiloderma is a common skin condition among fair-skinned people. Poikiloderma causes a reddish-brown pigmentation of the skin that may occur in a weblike pattern over rather large areas. It usually appears in a symmetrical fashion (roughly the same on the right and left sides)and runs along the normal creases of the neck and face. Poikiloderma usually does not cause any symptoms, but people may experience minor itching and burning over the affected area on occasion.

Poikiloderma is a benign condition. Poikiloderma has never killed anyone or made anyone terribly sick. However, because the condition affects large areas of the neck and face, it is a very serious cosmetic issue. Many people with poikiloderma find the condition to be debilitating. Since most people do not know what poikiloderma is, when they see someone with the condition they confuse it with infectious skin diseases. Obviously, this can be a major source of embarrassment and can interfere with social functioning. Not surprisingly, most people who suffer from poikiloderma are interested in ways to remove the lesion.

Treatments for Poikiloderma

Unfortunately, there are no specific medical treatments for poikiloderma. The precise cause of the condition is unknown, but it is strongly linked to UV radiation. Therefore, people can minimize the risk of developing poikiloderma by wearing appropriate sunscreen and sun blocking apparel.

Fortunately, intense pulsed light systems have been successfully used to treat poikiloderma. Intense pulsed light systems have been shown to be effective. Certain forms of laser light energy can reduce erythema (redness) and telangiectasias (collections of tiny blood vessels called venules).

Bella Sana is proud to provide patients poikiloderma treatment with the Cutera XEO system. The highly versatile Cutera XEO system offers both laser and intense pulsed light treatment options to treat the many manifestations of poikiloderma.

If you are one of the many people suffering from poikiloderma in the Des Plaines, Illinois area, contact Bella Sana Medical Spa for an evaluation and consultation.

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