Port Wine Stains


Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains are the artfully (and perhaps insensitively) descriptive term for capillary malformations known in the medical community as nevus flammeus. As the name so clearly implies, port wine stains are skin lesions that look as if the sufferer was stained with dark red wine. The condition is almost always a birthmark, which means it is present at birth. However, the condition does not necessarily go away with age. Mikhail Gorbachev was famously known to have a port wine stain on his scalp and forehead that has lasted throughout his life.

Are port wine stains dangerous?

Port wine stains are usually benign; however, they may be associated with a number of rare genetic problems. Generally speaking, people with one of these rare genetic conditions will have other symptoms and signs besides port wine stains during infancy or early childhood. For everyone else, port wine stains are just an unsightly, but unharmful skin lesion.

Port wine stain treatments

Pulsed dye laser therapy is the gold standard treatment for capillary malformations such as port wine stains. These safe but powerful lasers specifically target hemoglobin molecules in blood to heat up and destroy unwanted blood vessels. The Cutera XEO laser system, used by the Bella Sana Medical Spa, uses truPulseā„¢ Nd:YAG Laser to specifically target and destroy vascular lesions such as port wine stains.

People who undergo treatment when they are younger (when they are small children) generally have greater benefit than older children and adults. Likewise, people with lighter skin tones achieve greater benefits than those with darker complexions. Facial port wine stains tend to resolve better with laser therapy than those on the torso or extremities. In most cases, multiple laser therapy treatments are usually needed to achieve maximum lightening.

If you or your child has a port wine stain that you would like to have removed and you are interested in the advantages of the Cutera XEO pulsed dye laser system, contact the professionals at Bella Sana today for a consultation.

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