Skin Tag Removal

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Skin tags are common and harmless, but many people find them unsightly or embarrassing. The aesthetic specialists at Bella-Sana Med Spa in Des Plaines, Illinois, provide solutions to all your skin concerns and offer skin tag removal using the advanced xeo® laser by Cutera®. This innovative technology can remove skin tags quickly and painlessly. To schedule your skin tag removal, call Bella-Sana Med Spa today or request an appointment online.

Skin Tag Removal

What is a skin tag?

Skin tags, medically referred to as acrochordons, are an overgrowth of skin. They’re harmless and common, affecting at least half of all adults in the United States. You may be at greater risk of developing skin tags if they run in your family, if you’re overweight or obese, or if you have diabetes.

Skin tags tend to develop in areas where skin can crease or fold, such as the eyelids, neck, underarms, or groin, and you may have one or more skin tags. While they don’t usually cause pain, they can get caught on your clothing or cause discomfort if accidentally torn or injured.


Am I a good candidate for skin tag removal?

At your consultation, your specialist at Bella-Sana Med Spa will determine if you’re a good candidate for skin tag removal. Discuss any issues or concerns you may have about skin tags or the procedure to remove them.


What is the Cutera xeo laser system?

The Cutera xeo laser system is one of the most advanced aesthetic tools available in the United States. It can treat a range of cosmetic concerns, such as unwanted hair, spider veins, skin issues and more. The experienced team at Bella-Sana Med Spa uses the Cutera xeo laser system for quick, effective treatment of skin tags.

The Cutera xeo laser is equipped with an ablative laser that safely removes the skin tag without causing any damage to your surrounding skin.


What can I expect during skin tag removal?

Skin tag removal at Bella-Sana Med Spa is a quick, painless procedure. During your treatment, your specialist places the laser wand over your skin tag and the intense laser light ablates (removes) the tag, leaving the surrounding skin intact and unharmed. Your specialist can remove as many skin tags as needed, depending on your aesthetic goals.

There’s no downtime following removal of skin tags, so you can go back to your usual activities after treatment.

Skin tags are considered a harmless nuisance, and the team at Bella-Sana Med Spa can remove them quickly without pain or downtime. To schedule your skin tag removal, call the office today or request an appointment online.